Abodes are the homes that your Followers dwell in.

To start with they are size 1 and increase over time as you unlock more Technology Cards. Each home can hold different amounts of followers, the bigger the home the slower their breeding rate and can accompany more people. Some types of Abode are only available during the Mount of the Gods.

If they are within a Settlement they add a second story to them.

Once you reach 480 people you unlock the ability to move plots of land before they are built upon.

Followers can evicted from their homes once a flag appears above them if there is an empty plot of land within its range (right click to see the range)so they will go an build more homes. When homes become incorporated into a settlement flags will move to the village square. The costs of evicting them from their homes increases with size:

  • Size 1: 10
  • Size 2: 20
  • Size 3: 50
  • Size 4: 100
  • Size 5: 200
  • Size 6: 500


  • Plots are the manifestation of where you can place Abodes in your world. They show you the size of the Abode that will be created as well as well as information concerning how much a Follower would like to live there. After reaching a certain point you can move these around the map before allowing a Follower to construct on them.

Prototype AbodesEdit

  • Before the game entered the Beta phases these were the initial designs for Follower's Abodes.

Main Game AbodesEdit

Felt AbodesEdit

Size 1.
2 people.
MudbrickAbodes N/A
Size 2.
4 people.
MudbrickAbodes1 N/A

Permanent StructuresEdit

Size 1.
Wood Hut
2 people.
WoodHutAbode N/A
Size 2.
3 people.
Upgraded 6 people.
CabinAbode CabinAbodeUpgrade
Size 3.
4 people.
Upgrade 8 people.
LodgeAbode LodgeAbodeUpgrade
Size 4.
5 people.
Upgrade 8 people.
CottageAbode CottageAbode1
Size 5.
6 people.
Upgrade 14 people.
FarmhouseAbode FarmhouseAbode1
Size 6.
7 people.
Upgrade 16 people.
Manor Manor1

Mount of the Gods AbodesEdit

Size 4.
10 people.
FortAbode N/A
Size 5.
12 people.
Keep N/A
Size 6.
14 people.
Castle N/A