There are numerous Buildings within the game of Godus. The total amount is believed to increase as the game develops further.



(for more information see Abodes).

  • The place in which your Followers live.
  • These act as areas for your Followers to breed and increase.
  • Once Settlements are placed on the map, certain sized Abodes will increase in size.
  • They can be damaged by Weather, Followers must be instructed to fix them though being in a Settlement will protect them.



(For more information see Farming.)

  • Plots of land in which crops are grown by your Followers.
  • The wheat grown here is collected and once certain amounts are reached new Technology Cards are unlocked.


Shrines are dotted around the map all of them taking a certain amount of time to construct. However the build time can deplete quicker if you have more Followers aiding in constructing them. So far there are two types of Shrines.

Expansion Shrine Power Shrine
  • Shrine of Expansion
    • These Shrines act merely to give the player extra land to expand into.
  • Shrine of Power
    • These Shrines act to give the player new God Powers so far these are:
      • Totem
      • Finger of God.
      • Swamp.
      • Beautify.
      • Meteor.


Temple of Fertility
  • Temple of Fertility.
    • Increased Fertility of Abodes in range.
    • Rebuilt by Followers who live within its range.
  • Mount of the Gods
  • Temple of Battles


  • Statue of Speed.
    • Built by Followers on an empty plot or over a house replacing it. Give Followers in its radius a boost to their movement speed.
    • Unlocked through the Mount of the Gods.
  • Statue of Exploration
    • Not yet available.


  • Roads first appear once a Settlement is place on the map. All of the roads grow instantly from the village square joining all the Abodes together.