Faith is one of the driving forces of Godus allowing you to sculpt the world, fight off predators for your Followers as well as reign down destructive God Powers like meteors.

Gaining FaithEdit


  • Faith is gained from peoples Abodes, hovering above them ready to be collected by clicking. The initial houses do not provide faith however once they are upgraded faith is created.
  • Once Settlements are researched you can gain faith from all abodes within its borders from the village square.
  • Certain God Cards provide boosts to faith, all of them being various Idol Cards.
  • Small amounts of faith can be gained from destroyed trees and rocks.

Losing FaithEdit

  • Faith can be lost if Followers die by event such as drowning or being attacked by wolves.
  • Used to evict people from their homes so they will go an build more home. These costs are:
    • Size 1: 10
    • Size 2: 20
    • Size 3: 50
    • Size 4: 100
    • Size 5: 200
    • Size 6: 500