Farming is a technology which can be research with the Farming Card given automatically upon reaching the Agricultural Period.

This Science Card (No. 60) requires 2 Seed and 2 Pick Axe Resource Cards to be unlocked.

Once Farming is discovered your Settlements will now spawn Farmers who will go to empty plots and construct farms to gather wheat. Farmers only work during the day time, carrying the wheat to the village square.

The wheat replaces the Population Milestones with Wheat Milestone which give you more Technology Cards, the more farms you have the quicker it will increase. Beautifying the land where the fields are increases crop growth and yield amounts. Once you have setup your initial fields they will automatically spawn to fill the fields to capacity.

As yet the wheat is not used to actually feed your Followers.

Farming MilestonesEdit

  • 1000. Town Planning Card
  • 5000. Politics Card
  • 10000. Debate
  • 15000. Ploughs
  • 20000. Terrace Farming
  • 30000. Salt Farming