Followers are the people who believe in you and follow you as a God. Supposedly there are numerous types of 'Followers that will eventually be incorporated into the game each of them performing unique functions.

It should be noted that Followers do not seem to have any needs as of yet (it remains to be seen whether they will be given any). They do not currently require any form of sustenance.

People in there homes will over time breed increasing your population, once they are full you can send one of them out to build another Abode. Once in Settlements the flag is moved from single houses to the village square and so it takes longer for followers to venture on and build new home unless you use the Totem Power to force them from their homes.

Larger Abodes take longer for people to breed and people cannot be brought from their homes unless an Abode has the full population possible.

You can Heal them by clicking on them which cost you no faith to do so. They are noticeably tired and near to death when you see them staggering around or sitting on the floor.

Once Farming is unlocked and storms happen in game, Followers can repair their damaged Abodes, however as yet they do not do this automatically and have to be instructed to do so. This is expected to change in the v1.4 patch.

Types of FollowersEdit

Breeder Settler Farmers Champion Miner Samson Wild Man
StandardFollower Settler Farmer Champion Samson WildMan
  • Standard Followers (Breeders) - Dressed in blue they perform no function apart from breeding and increasing your population.
  • Settlement Followers - People who wander around settlements after one has been create. These are easy to see as they as dressed in white. They will run inside their homes if you sculpt the land near to them in fear.
  • Farmers - Unlocked once Farming has been researched. These people will go to empty plots and set up wheat farms, taking the food to the village square. They only work during the day time. Once you have setup your initial fields they will automatically spawn to fill the fields to capacity
  • Champions - These people are created after they have been summoned to a Totem by the player. They are twice the height of normally Followers dealing more damaging when attacking foes. If you spawn them and a building is still being constructed within the settlement boundaries then they will help in its construction.
  • Miners - Dressed in blue technically they are standard followers who briefly mine veins of gold for you.
  • Wild Men - These men are gained through playing the Mount of the Gods. They are distinctive due to their bright orange hair. Their cards says they prefer to live in the isolated Abodes but as of 1.3.1 they still will live anywhere.
  • Samson - These men are gained through playing the Mount of the Gods. They are distinct by their long beards. Their cards says they prefer to live in the Mountains but as of 1.3.1 they still will live anywhere.