Milestones refers to certain criteria in Godus which provides the player with numerous benefits, these milestones changing as the game progresses.

At first these milestones are based on reaching certain levels of Followers, this changes once Farming has been researched the milestones changing to the amount of wheat harvested.

Presumably this will continue to change as your Followers move through time various Time Periods.

Population MilestonesEdit

Milestone Card Name Card Type
2 Land Expansion God Card
6 Land Expansion God Card
20 Land Expansion God Card
30 Construction Card Science Card
50 Land Expansion God Card
70 Land Expansion and Commandments God and Faith Card
90 Land Expansion God Card
130 Land Expansion God Card
220 Mud Brick Lodges Society Card
270 Land Expansion God Card
320 Land Expansion God Card
380 Family Society Card
480 Moving Plots God Powers
630 Cliff Sculpting 1 God Card
800 Stone Cottages Society Card
1000 Pottery Science Card
1300 Craftsmanship Science Card
1700 Cliff Sculpting 2 God Card
2100 Manors Society Card

Farming MilestonesEdit

Milestone Card Name Card Type
1000 Town Planning Society Card
5000 Politics Society Card
10000 Debate Society Card
15000 Ploughs Science Card
20000 Terrace Farming Science Card
30000 Salt Farming Science Card