The main basis of the game is to take your Followers through time from the Primitive Age to the Space Age. So far only the Primitive and Bronze Age have been made available to players. Each time period having four periods that must be completed before reaching the next age by collecting and unlocking the 4 Advancement Cards for each period.

Primitive AgeEdit

At the start of the Primitive Age, the Followers have moved from the wilderness and started to come together to live in permanent Abodes. By using basic tools, forming simple communities and expanding their population the Followers become ever more advanced.

Establishment PeriodEdit

Growth PeriodEdit

Expansion PeriodEdit

  • Stone Cottages
  • Pottery
  • Mining
  • Architecture

Conquest PeriodEdit

  • Farmhouses
  • Manors
  • Craftsmanship
  • Battle Hardened

Bronze AgeEdit

Your Followers have become more civilized and entered the Bronze Age. The discovery and use of agriculture will allow them to move from simple hunter-gathering lifestyles to more organized and structured settlements. Your Followers have entered a new phase of farming and civic structure.

  • This Age was unlocked in the v1.3 update.

Agricultural PeriodEdit

Proficiency PeriodEdit

  • Specialized Labor
  • Ploughs
  • Cartography
  • Terrace Farming

Political Period Currently UnavailableEdit

  • Aesthetics
  • Village
  • Farming
  • Town Planning

Iron AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Philosophical AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Imperial AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Middle AgesEdit

Currently Unavailable

Discovery AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Industrial AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Scientific AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Atomic AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Information AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable

Space AgeEdit

Currently Unavailable