Weather is unlocked in game once Farming has been discovered introduced in v1.3. So far all that is in corporate are storms. It is hoped other weather aspects will be brought into the game at a later stage.


  • Brought in after the v1.3 patch a storm will occur every single night in game damaging Abodes that are not within Settlements.
  • Followers have to manually be instructed to leave their homes to fix their homes or neighboring ones. Farmers will also fix Abodes if within their range. As yet they do not do this automatically.


  • Fires are hazardous to your Followers and their buildings and fields and and be created through storms or by using the Finger of God Power on trees.
  • The fires will spread quickly where there are vegetation and Abodeshowever it can be extinguished by using the Beautification power. Followers can then repair Abodes and Farms and trees will grow back instantaneously by using this power.